Union Chen Ind., Corp., established in 1986, created their own brand "Chef Air" to sell various kitchen appliances, high-quality small electric appliances, and sports and health equipment and has enjoyed an excellent reputation on TV shopping programs. Chef Air started as a manufacturer of kitchen appliances and accumulated great skills and considerable experience developing new products to meet their customer's needs. In recent years, Chef Air has concentrated on developing sports and health equipment. Their strict quality control solidifies its top position in the sports and health equipment market. In addition to streamlining the assembly process, it built up multiple marketing channels to sell the products worldwide. It is Chef Air's firm belief that only by having scores of superior trading outlets can we succeed in promoting products to our customers. We welcome all new dealership requests.



  • Kitchen appliances development and production.
  • Small home appliance development and production.
  • Sports & fitness equipment development and production.
  • New product technique review and research.
  • Assists dealers to introduce and market products.
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